A big family business with strong family values

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The advantage of dealing with ETL is we empower our people to make decisions. That means when you pick up the phone to find out if your job can be done, we get you an answer straight away. Meet our people below, get to know us, and how we can help you.


John Emmerson


Company Chairman

John remained an active member on the Board of Directors when he officially retired until his passing in February 2018.

While he was not actively involved in day to day operations, he still took a keen interest in all business activities.

John will be dearly missed by the Emmerson family, friends and team.

Ian Emmerson


Managing Director

Ian has the responsibility for ETL's growth and direction, including overall direction and management.

He ensures strategic and business plans are in place and monitored, and provides leadership and motivation for all employees.

He also acts as a link between the company, its shareholders, industry bodies and the community.

David Hill


Group Commercial Manager

David leads the commercial team. His primary role is customer service, as well as participating in the operational development of the company.

He plays a crucial role in developing and implementing sales. This involves maximizing the operational potential of ETL.

Dean Woods


Group Finance and Administration Manager

Dean has responsibility for the financial management of the company. This includes administration support and functional relationships with external partners.

Dean also manages and implements business critical tasks.