Meet our dynamic and adaptable fleet


ETL operate a 100% company owned fleet in excess of 80 units. We place an emphasis on operating well-maintained and modern high profile units, and constantly strive to improve and maximize their potential.

We own specialist equipment including bins and tanks for storing and moving a variety of products, or can manage your assets if required. We’re particularly adept at developing solutions for time sensitive products, and have the adaptability to deliver to your requirements.

Fleet Profile:

  • Maximum Capacity Curtain sided Truck & Trailers
  • Flat Deck Truck & Trailers
  • Metro Curtainsided Maximum Deck Length Trucks
  • Tipping Truck & Trailer units
  • Temperature Controlled Curtainsided Semi-Trailers
  • Specialist Alloy Bulk Tipping Gear
  • High Cube Overweight Container Semi’s
  • Flat Deck Truck & Trailer Units for light container pairings
  • Associated Generator set equipment for Refrigerated and Temperature controlled container cartage